Top 6 Best Online Skate Shops

Are you wondering where you can buy a skateboard online? Listed below are my recommended top 6 best online skate shops.  From large retail dealers, to smaller skater owned skate shops.

Along with details on merchants, I’ve added advice on shipping costs, returns, and scoring deals. Often, I have searched for new alternative shops online. Ranging from small skate shops, to considerable discount retailers.

Later on, I will analyze “supporting your local skate shop” and why this might not be a decision for others. Overall, identifying opportunities at the correct place, at the appropriate time is the objective. I’ll share insight on how to discover them, along with reputable stores, and supplementary information on wholesale stores.

 CCS (AKA Daddies Board Shop)

  • Shipping: $50 Minimum
  • Return Policy: 30 days (Excludes sale items)
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Special Offers: Yes

The first online shop brought to my recognition was CCS through their famous mail order magazine. Every season they developed catalogs filled with tons of quality products which had me at the edge of my couch waiting for the mail to show up. I would flip through the pages, outlining shoes, and setups with a sharpie at hand.

Starting one of the first skateboarding mail-order catalogs was an excellent idea. This allowed consumers (like myself) living in east butthole nowhere, insight on products otherwise not provided at shops. Long story short, CCS bounced between owners, ultimately bought by Footlocker in 2008. The outcome resulted in liquidating assets, turning over to Daddiesboardshop, and now back on its feet. Despite the downfalls, CCS is around to maintain their brand recognition.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

  • One of the leading longboard shops in the universe. (Daddiesboardshop)Award winners from 2009 to 2013 for best online skate shop, favorite Skate shop, and amounted to a leader in the 100 privately owned businesses.

Special Offers:

  • Wide collection of premium skateboards, longboards, snowboards, and components. Expect to strike deals up to 20% shoes, clothing, and accessories- 10% off everything else throughout the year.


  • Shipping: Free shipping *Details Below
  • Return Policy: 60 days
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Special Offers: Yes

The expedition started when two young guys embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure. Bringing to what now is one of the leading online retailers in skateboarding and snowboarding equipment. They’re roots found selling snowboards shifted into a tremendous triumph, driving them to grow to what is now Tactics board shop.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

  • A website providing a seamless shopping experience. This is always a positive feeling to have. This is great digging into specific categories, certainty one of their best features.
  • Free Shipping.* Shipping costs combined with speedy delivery- seek no further. I have broken boards leaving me frantic. Placing that order online only to wait for that green status bar hit “Packaged Delivered” online happens on point, every time. *Applicable only in the U.S. they omit much larger items.

Special Offers:

  • A “price match guarantee” towards competitors products in the U.S. including any promotion, or sale items. Product must be in stock, and available to dispatch to your address.
  • If the product you order goes on sale a week within the time of the purchase, they will reimburse the difference in cost.


  • Shipping: Free standard shipping over €20 (Germany & Austria)
  • Return Policy: 100 day free return (Include return label)
  • International Shipping: No
  • Special Offers: Yes

Skatedeluxe a leading European online shop, located in Germany. This skater owned store has been in operation since 2004, with the mission to serve Europe as the best premiere skate shop.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

  • With one of the most extensive buyers guides, there is no leaving you behind. The skateboarding “Wiki” guide covers every detail on skateboard parts, and how to resolve common issues encountered such as “Why skateboard is wobbly.”
  • Exclusive details on shoes and much, much more. Besides this, look forward to exclusive skate news, wear tests, and lots of reviews in the shopping section. One of the best online but sadly, I don’t believe they ship to the U.S. or Canada. Still, go check them out!

Special Offers:

  • They offer €20 off next order on selective items throughout the store. Free items with purchases over specified amounts. For example, spend €500, receive a free SK8DLX hoodie.
  • The premier club, join as a member, purchase products and leave reviews to gather points. Receive 400 points with referrals.

SoCal Skate shop

  • Shipping: On orders over $60 anything under will be calculated based on weight, location, residential & commercial.
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Special Offers: Yes

For the initial 5 years, SoCal began in 2002 out of a garage into a shop in Mission Viejo, California. Mike Hirsch, and avid skater developed his vision to support the skateboarding community as a whole with an extensive longboard and skateboard product line.

What Makes Them Stand Out:

  • Yet another super user-friendly site. What’s effective, is the option to modify filters to choose from various deck profiles. A feature that splits down products into further detail.
  • There is no price match guarantee. However, supply of fresh items arrive constantly with acceptable pricing.

Special Offers:

  • When applicable, free items may be combined to orders, stickers, dvds, magazines, and posters. (Would recommend reaching out beforehand)

Skate Warehouse

  • Shipping: $50 Minimum $5- 2 day shipping on $75 or higher-10lb max within 48 contiguous U.S. states.
  • Return Policy: 60 days
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Special Offers: Yes

Starting off as a modest store in 2002, San Luis Obispo, California. With the focus on establishing a substantial online presence ever since.

What Makes Them Stand Out?

  • For clearance sales, Skate warehouse has one of the finest, and largest selections available. Prepare yourself when holidays arrive, as opportunities for discounts are popular ordering through their online store. Various decks at hand under $40 is superb.
  • Both shop decks and blanks are available in a multitude of sizes. Shop by pro section is a handy concept. A convenient way to find products displayed by their sponsors. The “Video Vault” includes collections of trick tips, interviews, and learning center for those new to skateboarding.

Special Offers:

  • The Daily Dose. Everyday, new deals starting 12pm PST are up for grabs.
  • All shop decks are $20 with purchase of regular price shop deck.

Warehouse Skateboards

  • Shipping: Free shipping over $89+
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Special Offers: Yes

Founded in 2004, owner Mike Duncan has created his dreams, at the same time creating a massive stockpile of skateboards and surfboards. One point to take notice; you will not find skate shoes here!

What Makes Them Stand Out?

  • One of the few online stores carrying ramps, rails and full quarter pipes by OC Ramps.
  • Clear buyers guide to assemble a complete. When “building your own complete”, choose your own parts, or select from 3 pre-exclusive choices. The 3 options present a “good”, “better”, and “best” parts combo. Allowing for a budget friendly opportunity to choose from.

Direct From Distributors

This has to be one of the best alternative places to find products. Not only that, but a great place to learn about the skateboarding industry, and the brands that support the community. Digital catalogs are available to catch up on the latest items available. Locate upcoming events, skate news, and upcoming product announcements. For those hard to locate products, this would be the place to consider.

Otherwise, reaching out to staff doesn’t hurt.

Wholesale Skateboard Products

Outside United States:

To buy wholesale products outside the U.S. can be risky. These Chinese e-commerce platforms sell items from small and medium size manufacturers. This is where identifiable knockoff brands are, to save a couple extra bucks. Those projecting negative reviews is sufficient to alarm anyone away. Researching reviews on different sites, accurate research will lead to obtaining reliable relationships.

Inside The U.S.A

Prominent, and popular site you may know, Ebay is the store to discover products at wholesale prices. Again, the risk is still high without good analysis. A point usually overlooked- is others buying knockoffs from Chinese import merchants, auctioning them here for profit.

Direct From Manufacturer

Manufacturers developing AUTHENTIC products for distributors may be hard to detect. For skateboard decks, wood shops can design custom skateboards for individual use, or in bulk. However, others simply accept bulk orders, or retailers only to distribute to retail shops.

Wear Tests And Reviews

Wear tests serve the finest in-depth reviews challenging product quality on shoes, and skateboarding parts. Visually demonstrating features, and overall durability before tossing in the shopping cart. Each site includes a broad selection of products they demonstrate, some particularly concentrate on shoes, others on wheels, or boards.

  • CCS: Shoe tests doing 100 kickflips. wheel slide tests , clothing, andboards.
  • Tactics: Wear tests on shoes.
  • Skatedeluxe: Shoe wear analyses, deck, trucks, wheels, bearings.
  • Daddiesboardshop: Contains uncensored customer reviews.
  • Skatewarehouse: Shoes and decks.

Customer Service

Spending my time dealing with people, my first jobs helped develop customer service skills. Businesses rely on consumers to sustain operation running smoothly. An important customer service organization is imperative to gain success. Based on customer reviews, and personal experiences, are reasons for the choices here today. When someone’s got your back on orders gone sour, sending a free shirt, deck, all while refunding you back full purchase price- that develops confidence you’ll be back repeatedly.


Wherever you’re situated, shipping charges range between stores and can have periodic changes. For example, Skate warehouse cannot ship specific brands on international orders.

  • Delivery time cannot be guaranteed and restricted in specified countries.
  • The best way to locate companies information on the issue, type this to search:

“Online store/shipping”

When To Find The Best Sales

Often, deals are encountered throughout the year. Promotions have expirations and discussed next to them. The suggestions I’ve given above are examples of what to predict. Remember a skate shop is a business, and by offering deals is an approach to face against competitors.

  • Some of the best deals arrive during major holidays. One holiday to hop on is Black Friday. I scooped up 3 pairs of Es Accels for the cost of one.
  • This same promotion went for brands like Etnies, and Emerica as they fall under the same distributor, Sole Technology.

The best plan to stay informed: Sign up to Email lists.

Supporting Local Skate shops

As the skateboarding industry proceeds to evolve, it is hard for small business to match competitive pricing at any given time. Customers like you and I, are the lifeblood to keep them alive. Local shops contribute by dedicating time holding contests, skateboard lessons, which provides us a place to come together as a community. Talent was that place for me, and every weekend brought satisfaction and excitement every single time. As a place to escape, develop skills, all while eating 2- minute microwaved frozen pizzas.

When asked, “What is the best place to pick up a skateboard?” the first answer will be “support your local skate shop!” Although, the demise of small shops is inevitable as markets, and trends change.

Things to contemplate:

  • One reason breaks down to leaving no alternative decision. Even today, if I maintained in Vermont, Zumiez is the only place around. Which as you realize, doesn’t exhibit that natural, authentic feel a legitimate shop provides. Residing in rural areas has this disadvantage.
  • The skateboarding industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. With a predicted increase of 2.1% over the next five years. This opens doors for corporations to develop with the market, producing extensive product launches to compete over competition.
  • Online ordering has developed into the norm in virtually any industry. A store can find it troublesome balancing affordable prices when better prices can be found elsewhere.
  • Shops with minimal inventory must rotate new product on a persistent basis. Having run into this dilemma at a local shop here in Connecticut had me out the door. the owner is a super nice dude, but keeping inventory from 2005, and never being open kills any chances of survival.


Avid skating leads to broken boards, shredding shoes, and empty pockets. No doubt this a costly habit. With this in mind, saving money even if that means going outside the local shop makes sense too many people. These online skate shops started as brick and mortar places skaters can visit and purchase in person. Debates whether to support locally vs online is a repeated matter of argument. It ultimately comes down to who you accept to support.