7 Of The Best Recommended Skateboards For 6-Year-Olds


Skateboarding is great to get into as a 6-year-old. It’s a time of progression and overcoming challenges. However, choosing the right skateboard setup for the first time isn’t easy. You don’t want to get them the wrong size, and quality is also very important.

For an 6-year-old, the skateboard deck I’d recommend is a blank pre-assembled setup. They’re sturdy, simple, and the best options on the market that are suitably cost effective. I’ve skated these for years as they’re consistent in their shape and design. Even for a more advanced skater, these are a great choice.

Ahead in this article, I will offer a detailed guide on selecting the right equipment you’ll need for a skateboard setup. I’ll cover what to look for as far as quality, and different sizing factors to consider along the way.

You man choose to skip this article if you would like. Instead, take the opportunity and check out this affordable option just under $100. This is my top recommendation for any beginner, found on Amazon by clicking here.

(P.s: A size 8″ will be perfect!)

Best Options For A 6-Year-Old Kid

When choosing a skateboard deck, several factors come into consideration. Size is the most important. But, size refers to several aspects of a board such as the length of the deck, width, nose and tail, wheelbase, and concave. Follow along and I’ll share two features that matter.

What Size skateboard to choose

For beginners that are 6 years old or more, I suggest a board between 7.5-7.75 inches in width. This is a perfect size for those just starting and learning to ride and do tricks. It’s ideal for those with feet that haven’t grown yet. As time goes on, they’ll bump up to an 8 inches+.

Length isn’t as important as width. Every board is relatively the same. As your kid progresses in skateboarding, they will want to choose their own boards. This is a good sign they are developing their skating style.

Pre-assembled Completes:

Most 6-year-old kids are happy with a pre-assembled complete. They offer a basic brand name deck, wheels, and bearings. It’s a cost effective, with setups you can get for under $100.

As a beginner, a basic setup what you need. If you’re not 100% set on spending a lot on a pro-model setup, other excellent options are available to you. What’s nice is that you can get a pre-assembled complete. This takes away the struggle of having to put everything together.

If you’re shopping online, you must know what’s out there. E-commerce sites and auction sites have varieties of styles and brands. You’ll find great reviews, but don’t let that fool you. Prices for completes under $60 are low-quality and don’t perform the same. I don’t want you opening a box with missing parts or cracked boards.

Recommended Brands

When shopping around online, it’s hard to know what brands offer quality products. To make this as seamless as possible, I’ll generate two skateboard setups for you I’d recommend.

Anti hero Team Eagle

Anti-Hero is a favorite amongst many skaters. Team Eagle has been my favorite skateboard in terms of style and ride quality. Several sizes are available under 8 inches for kids under 12. A classic graphic that’s not to flashy keeping it simple and eye-catching.

These are your standard 53mm wheels perfect for starting out. In addition, 99a durometer allows all around park and street skating.

Standard Core trucks on this board are perfect for starting out. Made from heavy duty aluminum truck not too light, and not heavy.

Equipped with Amphetamine bearings these will do just fine for starting out. These aren’t the best for speed, but do the job for this starter setup.

Krooked Skateboard Complete Team Schmoo Blue

This Krooked skateboard deck comes as a 7.38 inches wide. The reason for selection was to diversify as much as possible. Smaller than the Anti-Hero, this is excellent for anyone under the age of 6 years old. This board pops out at you with cool lime green and blue accents, something your kid will love.

These are the same as Core trucks included as the earlier review. Other than brand, is the change in size.

In the description reads “factory wheels” which implies made from the same distributor. Same 53mm wheels just with a different logo.

Unlike before you’ll notice bearings referred to as “precision bearings.” These are just the standard name given. More than the same as or equivalent to Amphetamine bearings.

CCS Skateboard Complete

I chose this because CCS was one of my first retailers that provide great value. Not only is this a great setup, but the price is on point. recommended as a starter board for sure. Offered in various sizes and colors, including 7.0” classified as a “mini” for younger kids.

Equipped with CCS standard raw trucks. A different choice than the Core trucks, are lighter and overall more stable.

Wheel size of 52mm, 100a (hard) durometer is the highest out of the selection. Excellent choice for a change in size and ride quality.

CCS bearings rated the highest ABEC 7 for a smooth ride. They give us a speed dating showing these are darn good.

Final Verdict

CCS pre-assembled complete
Sometimes you have to sacrifice one over the other. Completes come standard with basic components but they’re the best quality you will find. This complete will save you money over the other selections with the drawback it’s a blank.

Every skater loves a board with graphics. It’s something to show off to their friends, and it gives the board soul. To solve this could be by adding stickers which should come with your order. Either way, CCS is a reputable brand that’s been around since 1985.

Besides one of the best beginner skateboard setup, it’s the least expensive that comes with free shipping. After calculating each product, you will save $10 on average. Name brand boards are marked up, but quality is the same.

Custom-Building A Skateboard For 6 Year Old

Custom-built completes allows hand selecting your own accessories. It’s ok if you’re not sure what to look for, I will provide you with everything you need to know.

Custom building costs more depending on many factors.

  • Brand name
  • Materials decks, trucks, bearings.. ect are created.
  • New release product lines
  • Sale items/clearance
  • Shipping (ordering online)

Deck Size And Brands

Weighing out options available can be overwhelming if you’re a parent clueless where to begin. I will help you, so don’t ya worry! We’ve discussed what sizes we will stick to (7.0”-7.75”) opens us a few options to go on. I’ll list a few based on experience at the same time offer money saving options. Are you ready?

Ok, lets DO THIS!

Without further adieu, let’s talk brands for a moment. What are the best ones you’re wondering?
Following the industry for over 10 years, I can say for the average beginner the “brand” is the least important over the actual quality. And with that said, I only offer the best product resources to my readers.

BAKER Brand Logo

One of the most iconic decks around for years. It’s one of the most popular decks on the market and for a good reason. Quality and shape are consistent which provides long term use. Skateboard decks overtime lose their shape, or concave. Once a board becomes flat, it diminishes the overall performance.

But this one’s on the pricey side. Although you’re getting something that will have your kid freak out, it’s a real classic.

Mini-Logo Chevron

In my site I mention this company on multiple occasions. My reasoning is because it’s affordable, and reliable. Plenty of sizes to choose from, and multiple color and concave options. Most blanks I’ve skated weren’t as good as this one.

Other Options

Narrowing decks is a challenge when you work with smaller shapes. You’ll find a larger variety of boards 7.75” still a good size for a beginner. I suggest going to a skate shop and having them stand on different board sizes!


The wheels on the bus go round and round right? (Lame I know!) So do skateboard wheels! There’s many to choose from, so let me guide you. Since we know how tall your kid is, it’s standard to stay with something geared for beginners. I’ll cover the basic requirements and best options.

Sizes For Kids 6 Years Old

To keep this simple, the size you will stay around 52mm-54mm. This offers the perfect balance for park and street skating. The next feature is durometer or how hard the wheels are. Wheels 95a-99a provides the exceptional speed and grip. Two recommended wheels are as follows.

Ricta Clouds

A go to brand I’ve selected for the remarkable ride quality. First impressions are how consistent they are riding on smooth and rough surfaces. Wheels lock up on rough surfaces as these breezed right down the road. One wheel grips unlike any other.

Sizes: 52mm or 54mm
Durometer: 92a or 82a

Mini-Logo:Sizes 53mm
Durometer: 90a

If you on a budget, Mini-Logo is yet again the brand of choice for beginners. An added $10+ dollars will get you Rictas. For starters, something basic will do. Not to mention these are 90a, still a good balanced wheel for your needs.

Truck Choices

The most essential part of the skateboard is finding decent trucks. In this section, I’ll cover the one pair that works well with the beginner. We’re not focusing so much on grind quality just yet. This part can last several years.

CCS Trucks

Earlier in this article I recommend the CCS pre-built deck. They included their standard trucks which I recommend. Not only are they reliable, but a cost-effective product that will lasts. Sizes 122mm will fit boards 7.5”-8” in width.


Easiest choice will be bearings. There’s only one brand many skaters use among others that last forever, and that’s Bones Reds. I’ve used other brands and these are the best for the money.


Nuts and bolts that connect your truck to the board. Hardware I’ve found shoddy or too short. My choice to you is a set from Independent.

Additional Accessories

Risers pads are offered but unnecessary. Their purpose gives the board added height and help prevent wheelbite. I’d only suggest these if riding super loose trucks. An inexpensive choice up to you.

Concerns You May Have

  • Are they too young?
  • Risk factors
  • What happens if they fall?
  • Long term goals

Are Skateboards Safe For Six Year Olds?

You wonder if your child is old enough, or wait until they are older. Concerns like this only delay your child from progressing. Supervision is highly recommended as skateboarding has a high fall risk. Especially if the proper protective gear isn’t worn. Scraping of knees, elbows, and smacking their head is going to happen just be prepared.

Falling happens to all of us. Just like riding a bike, or anything else we just get right back up. At the age of six would prime for them to start. If you can find lessons, it’s extremely helpful and motivating being around other young skaters. Skateboarding builds confidence, especially once getting through the beginning stages.

If your child wants to practice, places like the basement, garage, or driveway. Additionally, get yourself a board if you’re up for the challenge!

Final Thoughts

Your child has got involved into skateboarding. This will be an awesome experience for them to challenge themselves, meet skaters and bring out their talent. If you’re the kid reading this, and I hope this information helped you understand what products and brands to look forward too.

The lesson I want to share is, there’s no need to over-complicate things. You don’t need the best products to do insane moves. What you need is quality products from industry leaders that offer an inexpensive solution to start your journey.