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Gift Ideas For Skateboarders (For ANY Occasion!)

If you’ve been tussling around thinking of gift ideas for skateboarders and can’t decide on something, check out the suggestions below.Finding specific presents for others is painful and frustrating at times. There’s hope though! Whoever you know that is into skateboarding, your search has brought you to the right place. Because let’s face it, anything else is just s#!t.

Forget about that other unrelated junk. Skateboarding gets expensive, and most parts break, rip, and tear constantly. That being said, there’s no such thing as having “too much”. So whether it’s a Christmas present, a birthday present for the boyfriend (you know he doesn’t really want a pretty dress, or hot pocket pizza rolls!) There’s bound to be something here that they’ll like.

Here is my skateboarders ultimate gift idea list…

Skateboard Gift Basket

Creating your own gift basket of goodies is a surefire way to make any skater happy. This is an easy option when you’re not trying to figure out all the technical specifications.

For instance, put together a basket including

  • Wax
  • Wheels
  • Shirts
  • Gift cards to the local shop/session passes
  • Wallets
  • Belts
  • Grip tape cleaner
  • A pair of shades
  • Patches
  • Phone Cases
  • Shoe repair Hardware

Subscription Boxes

I love getting packages in the mail!

Several skateboard companies offer these subscriptions sending out assorted good such as shirts, hats, decks and other products from brands in the industry. Some include a monthly deck or the choice of a mystery box.

The appeal of is attractive because the price of a yearly subscription gets you well worth what you pay. Truth is, skate apparel is pricy, avid skaters break boards and rip pants like there was no tomorrow. who offers them?

  • The Funbox Monthly Primitive
  • Skateboards Baker Skateboards
  • Krakbox
  • DF13


Magazines are one of my favorite sources for skateboarding related news, events, and product releases. There have been times I’d rip out pages and plaster them all over my wall. I’ll provide you a list that you can look up at your leisure.

  • Transworld
  • Thrasher
  • Skate Magazine
  • The Skateboard
  • Mag Skateboarder
  • Concrete Wave Magazine
  • Juice
  • Big Brother
  • Sidewalk
  • Pop Magazine
  • Skate Rider

Skateboard decks

A skateboard deck will put a smile on anyone who skateboards. The problem is, it has to be the right size, and if they’re super picky, the brand. Although one way to find out is to either ask, or pull out a measuring tape. Identifying the size by measuring the width.

The length isn’t as important unless they ride a different type of skateboard. A common standard skateboard width is between 7.75” and 8” up. Now with that information the best option is to find a local skate shop or check out personal recommendations.

The brand may be a big deal for some, for others a deck is a deck… as long as the size is on point. Cruiser Boards On my 18th birthday my dad hooked me up with a cruiser which is not a board I normally rode then. In fact, I never dabbled around a cruiser up until that point. Let me tell you, it’s an exciting, smooth ride that got me hooked instantly.

Skate Lessons

If you have a kid, that’s a beginner, it’s likely they want to get better. One way to find out is asking the local skateshop, especially if there’s an indoor park. Otherwise, there are several other alternative options.

  • Go Skate (Private Coaching)
  • YMCA Element skate camp
  • Woodward

Tech decks

I’m not sure how many older people play with Tech Decks, but this is a childhood memory that I grew up with. We had our own club in 2nd grade we came up with, spending hours grinding bookshelves in the library. I can remember how ANGRY the librarian would get screaming for us to “CUT IT OUT!”


I don’t usually buy clothing or shoes as gifts as the issue with size can vary and personal preferences are specific more than others. However, if you know someone well enough, you can’t go wrong with any following items.

  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Tee shirts
  • Pants
  • Hats
  • Beanies


You can never have enough pairs of shoes…period. Come over my house and dump a bucket loader full of shoes and I will eat them for breakfast! Although, yet again, personal preference may be a deal breaker for some. The last thing is to have it sent back because of the wrong color! Shape, size, fit, boardfeel, durability, and style.


Replacing insoles is a popular choice for good reasons. Custom orthotic insoles specific for skateboarding prevents the collapse of the arch, keeping the joints aligned. The vast majority of reviews I’ve studied have been very impressive.

Backpacks/travel bags

This is one item great for those traveling on or off the board. Most are travel-on friendly on most major airlines and come in various shapes and sizes.


Riding a bike and carrying along a skateboard is an uncomfortable. It would be nice stow your board instead of clenching for dear life over bumps and mountain valleys?


Every skater needs a tool if they don’t have one to begin with. There’s nothing worse than lugging around bulky tools when you can just have it all-in-one, multi-functional tool. There are slight differences between skate tools. The integration of bottle openers and re-threading devices are available.


The way we capture life’s most exciting moments has dramatically changed over the past decade. There’s no need for bulky camcorders where you’re squinting through tiny little screens. Modern day cell phones give us the ability to do many things, including recording and developing skate parts to show off to the world.

As a skateboarder, learning tricks is challenging. Nowadays, skaters solve their greatest frustrations by recording themselves, sharing on social media.

Capabilities like this allow communities to share tips to motivate thousands. One problem is finding a prop to capture the perfect shot. There is in fact tools to assist in getting that perfect video. Stabilizers are a perfect fit for those to get a clean shot using phones.

This eliminates silly props which drive us insane. Action cameras such as the go pro are the best choice designed for the outdoors. This is hands down the best camera for starters.

Mounting A Skateboard

I’ve stored my skateboard in ALL kinds of places. As usual I’d misplace it like most of us do with the house or car keys. Setting up a wall mount is a simple and affordable way to keep organized. Another cool idea is creating a deck display on the wall or floor rack.

Starting collections of old skool boards and classics for show.

Ramps And Rails

Growing up in a small town in Vermont, we got into trouble often. Since most of the time we had to work with what we had. Let’s just say re-arranging picnic tables made more work for others.

I’ve built at least a dozen makeshift rails from wood, PVC, even 2×4’s nailed to tree stumps. Although after a while wood splits and nails and screws become extremely dangerous. Let’s just say they left nasty battle scars. A rail is a true investment that would have been the gift of choice. Back in junior high my friends welded rails as projects in metal class.

The only problem was there was no adjusting the height. With all things considered, ramps, rails, boxes, are the #1 best gift that can be handmade or found by professional dealers.

Headphones and devices

One of the best ways to stay motivated and get amped up is throwing on good music skateboarding. Headphones are one of those accessories that break easily, and annoying when you have to slip them under the shirt.

Common issues

  • Cable connection goes bad
  • Headphone speaker on one ear dies
  • Losing rubber ear pieces
  • smashing screens

The two options I’d suggest are going wireless or stick with simple earbuds from Skullcandy.


Most of us have a device we store music. I’ve found using my phone while skating rather risky considering I’ve cracked a screen more than once. Not only that, but smaller devices are portable and less of a hassle.

Have Any Creative Ideas?

I would love to hear any ideas that you may have to help grow this list for others.

What are your thoughts?