5 Effective Ways To Make Your Skateboard Faster

At some point the time to upgrade your skateboard will be necessary. With a few simple tweaks, you can improve ride quality and speed. Remember, different conditions require select types of wheels.

Ever wondered how skaters build up so much speed kicking off with fewer pushes? This was one issue that bothered me, and could not figure out. After going through to make sure wheels were spinning, we set trucks upright, results stayed neutral.

This evaluation may not been enough to solve this problem. Other factors you may be new to you.

5 Ways To Make Your Skateboard Faster

  1. The Rider
  2. Type of skateboard
  3. Lightweight trucks
  4. Faster bearings
  5. Bigger Wheels

1. The Rider

There are 2 reasons that control how fast you will travel on a skateboard. Now, we don’t need to open our physics books to settle this mystery.

  • Physics states that by increasing weight, increases gravity on a skateboard. Hence, a heavy person generates more momentum, allowing one to produce higher speeds quicker.
  • The second reason depends on how you ride, push off and accelerate. In the beginning, this takes time to master. Follow the simple steps below to boost performance.

2. Type Of Skateboard

Of course, with many types of skateboard options to choose from, reaching top speeds requires a specific board. These boards you will find suitable for every day commuting through the city, or to class.

  • Longboards and electric skateboards are the quickest means of transportation.

Lighter Skateboard Deck

Options I’ve considered lighter deck options in the past. One popular board from back in the day, for example, was Elements Helium. They marketed these as a “lighter” board that could transform performance.

Although, this technology will not increase chances of performing better, I would focus energy on other features such as concave, wheel base, and overall shape and size are the biggest factors that alter performance.

Lightweight Trucks

Another thought on your mind is to buy lighter trucks. I can relate to this experience growing up skating Destructos focus around this concept.

When time came to get new trucks, my friend gave me his used Independents (OG non-hollow). I had found the slight weight increase bothersome requiring greater leg power to pop tricks.

With time this becomes less of an issue as the grind factor was more than enough to keep me satisfied. By this I mean how well they slide, and lock into rough areas like curbs.

They use magnesium in trucks brands like Tensor, who make the lightest ones on the market, including hollow axles, kingpins, but remember these are low riding trucks!

Should you get the lightest trucks?

My recommendation is to keep it simple and go with something like Indy hollows.

3. Faster Bearings

It is common belief faster bearings will solve your problems. Remember, speed is not based on how fast your wheels spin, or how long they spin.

Proper pumping techniques, and weight are contributions to this. A good bearing provide longer roll times, how often you push to make a board reach greater distances.

Ride quality for a smoother, more comfortable ride without parts seizing up or breaking apart. This is big for me for manual tricks, especially on rough surfaces.

DO NOT: Spray your bearings with WD-40!

How To Modify Bearings

Removing Shields, by popping shields off is claimed to generate more speed, because the seals cause friction buildup, slowing wheels down. I’ve never done this personally, but for this reason and the fact they sound better according to many skaters may give reason to go this route.

The problem is dirt builds up quicker. I suggest to clean every 3-6 months to prevent damage.

Bigger Skateboard Wheels Are Faster

One way of the best ways to increase the speed of a skateboard, is by upgrading skateboard wheels. However, you may sacrifice either grip override comfort depending on your goal.

  • Hard wheels are recommended for beginners begin with durometer sizes (95a-99a). Overall, perfect for all-around skating.
  • A step up from these are durometer sizes (99a-101a &83b-84b). Best for experienced technical riders that love a wheel that accelerates quickly, slides fast, all while providing high top speeds.
  • Bigger wheels increase top speed with lower end acceleration. Narrow wheels allow for less friction on rolling surfaces.
  • While a bigger wheel (58mm+) provides higher top speeds, but accelerate slower. Smaller (57mm) accelerate faster with lower top speeds.

How Fast Can A Skateboard Go?

We base a skateboards speed on several factors, but can expect to reach speeds up to 10mph. It bases this on several factors.

  • The type of skateboard you are riding
  • They kind of terrain
  • Experience level

Electric skateboards will achieve the highest speeds through a motor. They do not require the use of your legs. Longboards come with bigger wheels than a typical skateboard, best for long-distance commuting.

Fastest Skateboard Speeds Ever Recorded

Wonder what the top speeds EVER performed on a skateboard? Let’s look at a couple identified earlier. I must say, going this fast on a board would scare the crap out of me!!

Remember, there are several types of skateboards, longboards used in downhill racing.

“The fastest skateboard speed achieved in a standing position is 146.73 km/hr (91.17 mph) by Peter Connolly (UK), at Les Éboulements in Quebec, Canada, on 16 September 2017. A successful record took place at L’Ultime Descente which is a gravity sports event. This event invited experts in skateboard, lunge, in-line skates, gravity cars and gravity bikes to try to achieve the highest speeds. Peter’s mantra is “Skate faster” and he believes it has pushed him to achieve this record.” -By Guinessworldrecords.com

The Fastest Electric Skateboard Powered by battery technology, the fastest electric skateboard reaches speeds up to 24mph/38kmh.

Fun Fact: Extreme e-boarder Mischo Erban, customized his own board, creating a board reaching a speed of 95.83 km/hr (59.55 mph) down an airplane runway!

3 Essential Tricks To Build Up Speed

1. Tick-Tack

A staple trick for anyone who skateboards, is to learn how to build speed and momentum doing Tick-Tacks. My first trick I learned in my garage my garage I’d spend hours on. A simple trick that helps develop balance and coordination.

2. Pumping

One way to keep momentum on a skateboard without using your feet, is by pumping. This technique is something you will learn to get into a transitional style skateboarding, bowls, and half pipes. https://www.exploratorium.edu/skateboarding/trick04.html

3. Kick-turn

When you lift your front wheels, allowing for back wheels to turn. Traditionally, this is a quicker way to turn without forcing your entire body to go 90 degrees or do a full 180. This is a good way to build confidence in handling the board around corners, especially at skateparks going up and down ramps.

Skateboarding Is Faster Than Walking

Obviously, skateboarding is faster than walking. Not only is it twice as fast, the convenience over that of a bike has a big advantage. Some of you may not feel safe locking a bike up downtown, or at school, even with high tech security available. With a skateboard, you can store it in a locker, strap or store in a bag. Additionally, there are plenty of sizes to accommodate almost anyone’s needs.