You don’t really need the most expensive skateboard bearings to add to your setup. It’s nice to have one thing though, a smooth ride that performs just as good as higher end products.

Bearings that lock up, easily gather debris and simply don’t offer a long lifetime is a disappointment. There’s one brand that’s never let down which are Bones bearings. For, a set of bearings under $20 and stood the test of time this is the go to for beginners and advanced skaters alike. A high quality, smooth ride that doesn’t cost a fortune is this selection hands down.

You don’t need to search through dozens of forums or reviews now. As long as you provide regular maintenance and not exposing them to water, Bones Reds are your best bet. However, take in consideration on your style of skating. As these bearings are suitable for almost any style of skating although for cruisers for those who commute I’d recommend then which can be found by clicking here.


Opting for a more expensive set of bearings isn’t necessary. Like I stated before, proper maintenance will allow your bearings to last years rather than months due to neglect. I’ve learned this the hard way, and it doesn’t take that much time to clean. An upgrade from the Bones Reds are the Bronson g3’s. Only a couple dollars more and provide exceptional performance.