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Here’s Why Skateboarding Hurts Your Feet

I remember the days my parents would make comments such as, “Those shoes are bad for your feet!” or “You will end up with ankle problems!” Reflecting on it now, my parents said this ALL the time. I never thought much of it considering I was a young pea, having no worries in the world at that point of my life.

Developing into a growing adult, you feel your body more. The back aches, knees getting sore quicker, and exercise is important.

Spending a majority of your early years skateboarding, you will understand. All those times slamming and smashing feet on the pavement starts to add up.

Maybe my parents or and even… grandma were right? When you think about it, human feet have lots of moving parts. Bones, joints, muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and nerves. Not taking care of your body increases the risk of injury. Most common problems skateboarders face are heel bruises, flat feet, and the good ol ankle roll.

Want To Skateboard Forever?

You want to skateboard forever right?  First take care of your feet as most don’t take it into consideration. For me, I never did things like soaking them, roll them out, or just take a break from the abuse for extended periods of time. Learning basic things likes this are important to avoid bruising or tearing a muscle.

Feet are made up of three arches, the main ‘arch’ on the inside, another running parallel on the outside edge of your foot, and one running across the metatarsal heads (aka “balls of your feet”)

It’s possible to compromised them, considering feet aren’t allowed to maintain strength and tone in modern skateboarding shoes. See, skate shoes provide support, acting as a barrier against the extreme elements.

Are There Long Term Effect Of Wearing Skate Shoes?

Skate shoes don’t provide the best support when it comes to padding and arch support. I’ve found skate shoes to be uncomfortable in everyday wear and tear. Spending 8 hours a day on my feet running around work, skate shoes aren’t ideal. Plus, it’s additional damage wears the insoles from sweat and padding fades.

A skate shoe is designed for jumping down stairs, gaps, and everyday skating. For this reason, extra support in the heel minimizes chances of heel bruises. However, others are prone to foot pain making skateboarding MUCH harder. Daily activities like walking can be a challenge and that’s when you need to be careful.

Do Skate Shoes Make A Difference?

One of the biggest mistakes, was wearing skate shoes all day, everyday. After 10 years I needed a shoe with better support and comfort features.

I’m on my feet working 12 hours a day, and flat bottom shoes become a nuisance. Wearing skate shoes honestly sucks in this condition. For the purpose of skating, that’s a different story as they serve comfort a different way. You may not agree, but this is just personal preference.

Materials are commonly composed of canvas or suede, and classified as cupsole or vulcanized skate shoes. Both with benefits countering each other.

Can You Skate In Regular Shoes?

Absolutely not! Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you. Anyone getting into skateboarding needs proper footwear. My first time on a skateboard I wore sandals, and yes my feet were bleeding. Whatever you do, as a beginner, skate shoes is a night and day comparison.

Potential Causes For Foot Pain

By no means am I a medical expert, or am telling you this will cause “flat feet” or any other condition. Like I said before, shoes act as a barrier, and restrict feet when not in their natural state (being barefoot.)

If your experiencing pain, try a looser fitting shoe, adjust laces or pulling the tongue out more.

Try Alternative Shoes

I recommend alternative options for skaters, for instance a running shoe. The lightweight design, and comfort is too good to pass up. If your a hardcore skater shouting at your computer saying this is complete crap…ok, you can calm down…I understand.

I was convinced I was NOT going to wear anything other than skate shoes for over a decade. In life you gotta change it up though!

Additional Skate Shoe Support

There have been instances where soreness develops. Applying a gel insert for added protection, or keeping them on for short periods of time. Soaking them in water and stretching has increased recovery time.

Fp insoles are one a top raved about product for replacement soles.